This module was made to facilitate the implementation of Twitter Bootstrap into Joomla. You just need to select the folder that contains the images to display in the carousel.
Make sure images have the same height!

Joomla Bootstrap Image Gallery
1 Vertion 1.0.0 Download

Installation Notes, once the module is installed:

1. Make sure the module is published
2. Add a module position
3. Assign the menu. I.e: Menu assigment: On all pages
4. Folder name: You must create a folder in the media manager, then upload the pictures inside this folder.
5. Thumb size: you type a numeric value (dont add px, em or any other measure units)

This is a free Joomla/Bootstrap 100% responsive template.

{phocadownload view=file|id=7|text=Joomla 2.5 Free Bootstrap Template|target=s}

{phocadownload view=file|id=8|text=Joomla 3.x Free Bootstrap Template|target=s}

Some of the features of this template are:

  • 100% responsive (built in Bootstrap)
  • Easy to be modified (add CSS into the file yourstyles.css)
  • Main content has a responsive layout of 9 columns when a right module position is set up, or full 12 column when there is no right column set up.
  • Two spare 50% columns
  • If there is no small-left position, the content will have 12 column width.
  • Template position is Highlight on the screen below
  • Spare position (Joomla 3.x) are called extra1, extra2, ..., extra5

Free Joomla/Bootstrap template