Installation Notes, once the module is installed:

1. Make sure the module is published
2. Add a module position
3. Assign the menu. I.e: Menu assigment: On all pages
4. Folder name: You must create a folder in the media manager, then upload the pictures inside this folder.
5. Thumb size: you type a numeric value (dont add px, em or any other measure units)

To display in an article
{loadposition "position (the name in step 2)"} without ""


With the last version you are able to use different modules in different articles, however you cant use 2 of this modules in the same article.
It is limited to click/photo, future vertion will include to display next/previous photo from the keyboard/mouse events.
Future vertion maybe able to integrate other galleries like facebook...

This is a very simple image gallery. I am aware of the limitations and I hope to implements this features in the near future.

Please feel free to leave any comments/suggestions and dont forget to rate it in the extension directory of Joomla.

If everything went ok, you should have a gallery like the one display below.

Joomla Bootstrap Image Gallery
1 Vertion 1.0.0 Download
2 Vertion 1.0.1 Download
3 Vertion 1.0.2 Download