There are several things that you need to take into consideration when you are building a Joomla template. One of them is the Blog/Featured layout.

The Joomla default for the display of the category blog or featured articles, is having a leading article on top and then, rows of two columns. If you prefer to have just 1 column, this could easily be modified on:

 The following CSS will show you which classes you have to add into your CSS style sheet in order to have a nice 2 column layout.

Continuing with the CSS editing for the new Joomla template, we have the option to display a category list.

Category list could be very handy, in the way that it displays in an organize way (table) all the articles within the category selected. Also it displays a list of any existing article in any subcategories.

Modules are extensions that you can be add into your Joomla website to display information or perform a task, some examples are the login form, or even my Services Section, were on the back end I have a form to introduce all my services into a database table and my module is in charge of displaying this information, making the update of my services extremely easy.

This article will teach you to create a module for Joomla 2.5, hoping that you can modify it to make it work as your needs.

Joomla CSS Login form

I guess they are easier ways to do this, but for me one of the most tedious tasks when I am creating a new Joomla template is to add CSS to some of the “in-house” Joomla modules.

I have a set of already html codes such as the login form, the display of the featured articles, the display of category list, between others. For me the easiest way to add this CSS is to copy and paste these codes into my HTML editor and add this ID’s and Classes into my CSS files.

How to create a custom Joomla 404 page

Due to the unfriendly view of the default Joomla error page, I will recommend to create a custom 404 page, especially if you are constantly modifying/updating, un-publishing articles or menu items.

This tutorial will show you how to build a Joomla error page 404.