The first thing that you will notice when you are looking for web host providers is that they are uncountable options in the market.

Also, you will find out that most of them offer different “options” in term of price; as a result the cheaper option doesn’t have all the features as the expensive one, this unless you don’t have certain knowledge in computers you could easily get confuse and expend a big amount of time in something that you should not.

This is why I felt the need of writing this article to help anyone that for some reason reach this page, and of course if I am wrong please feel free to correct me, as I am happy of always been learning.

So to make it short, I want to go to the point with my personal opinion. And please don’t take me wrong the technical part is the most important one, however after testing different hosting providers and spending an incredible amount of hours researching in the best alternatives, I realise that most of them offers very similar services. But for some reason some hosting’s are faster than others, my point here is that once you have selected your final options, please double check the customer reviews.

Now starting with my opinion, I can’t remember exactly the name of my first host provider back in 2005, but I do remember a few clue things, first of all that they were cheap, very cheap and they were very reliable, my websites loaded fast, no issues, I remember only once they want to do a maintenance and they let me know with a few days in advanced that the host will not work for a few hours. They were amazing I never had to contact customer service because it always worked.

Unfortunately they become expensive, very expensive, I remember the price went up about 3 times, so that is why I say no more, I will explore another “cheap alternative”. I end up getting a 1US/month hosting. First day no hassle, fast installation, fast reply on my enquiries via live chat or tickets, a good honey moon. Unfortunately a few days after I realise that my website was too slow, extremely slow; my PHP code didn’t work at all (when on the previous host it worked); and the worst part the file manager of the control panel didn’t work properly a total nightmare.

That’s why I start looking on new alternatives coming up with websites like B2evolution, that has daily updates of customer comments making easy to get all the filters of the best hosting option.

In the moment I am quite happy with my current hosting provider this is hostgator if you find this as a good choice you can click in the image below and use “fabianmanzano” as a coupon to get 25% off your price.